British Utonagan Association

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About the Breed

The history of the UK "wolf-a-like" dog is somewhat shrouded in mystery but what we do know is that they all originated from the same handful of dogs, owned and bred by Edwina Harrison. The original 3 founding dogs were imported from the USA and were of unknown ancestry. These dogs were then crossed with various GSD, Malamute, Husky and crosses. There is also talk that they were crossed with pure wolves but sadly Ms Harrison passed away and the "secrets" went with her.

These original dogs were known as Harrison Wolfdogs and were later used to found the Northern Inuit. However, due to people politics, there have been numerous break away groups, Utonagan, Tamaskan, British Inuits, Timber Dogs to name but a few. All of these break away groups have now added wolf content at varying degrees, whether it is Sarloos or Czech Wolfdog or even actual wolf as in the case of the Tamaskan. The BUA have not strayed from the original vision of creating a wolf-a-like dog with NO wolf content.

The British Utonagan is still in its infancy therefore there is still a long road ahead. We want to ensure that our choices and decisions are the right ones for the future of the breed and our members.

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