British Utonagan Association

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The Caledonian Wolfalike Association (CWA) was originally founded in 2007 under the name of "The British Utonagan Association" by a small group of wolfalike enthusiasts who were disheartened by the way the original Utonagan Society had been run. At that time we each shared a vision of improving upon the original Utonagan with regards to health, conformation and temperament. We strove to do this by implementing strict breeding guidelines and introducing compulsory health testing, with all results available to the public, something which had not previously been done. A committee was formed and so began the "BUA".

The outcrossing programme (the re-introduction of the founder breeds) began in 2009 and the results have been amazing, both in health and temperament.

The original plan was to stick with the name of "Utonagan", something we have since regretted. It became apparent that we had to do more than simply have "British" at the front of the name, which was intended originally to distinquish between the two (Utonagan and British Utonagan). We also have more input from other "wolf" like breeds and felt that it was an unfair representation of our wonderful dogs, who could not be further removed from the original "Utonagan" ..........The Caledonian Wolfalike was born.

To date we have managed to keep and improve on the "wolf" look but more importantly we have created genetic diversity and an all round healthy family dog in it's most natural conformation, that of the wolf. This was possible by the dedication and strict breeding practices of our accredited breeders, who carefully selected and re-introduced the Alaskan Malamute, German Shepherd, Siberian Husky, Northern Inuit and Tamaskan. This process is ongoing and our gene pool will never be closed in order for us to maintain diversity within our breed.

The CWA committee and its members still share the same goals and over the past 6 years we have built an extensive database on which to ground our future plans. building a full registry for ALL Caledonian Wolfalike with EVERY detail noted. Our aims have not changed regarding breeding and we still plan to apply for KC recognition in the future.

The CWA Registry holds ALL records of each Caledonian Wolfalike Founder Dog, and all of their progeny. We hope you enjoy following us, and even participating in our exciting journey ~CWA Committee

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