British Utonagan Association

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The CWA Constitution

  • The Caledonian Wolfalike Association hold a register of all Caledonian Wolfalike dogs and will continue to do so as we aim to secure a future for our dogs.
  • The Association will provide honest, factual information to all owners of the breed and will liase with outside experts regarding direction and advice.
  • The Association will abide by Kennel Club regulations with regard to showing, breeding and registration.
  • Membership of the Association is open to all.
  • The Association will be run solely by an elected Committee. This Committee will be responsible for the election of new Committee members and all members will be kept informed of such processes as they happen.
  • The Committee will also be responsible for voting on any matters raised within the Association and on any matters relating to the organisations running.
  • The Committee will vote on and award accordingly if appropriate any Accredited Breeder, Stud Dog and Brood Bitch status to any of our registered members and dogs.
  • The Association will hold an AGM each year which all members may attend. Members will be informed of the agenda for such and of any items which may require to be voted on in advance of the meeting taking place.
  • All information provided by the Caledonian Wolfalike Association including literature, records, reports, web based information and any and all other sources will be the property of the Committee and will remain so for future use by any future Committees and those individuals involved at that time.
  • Any member found to have brought the Association in to disrepute or to be under investigation from any animal welfare bodies will have their membership suspended pending further investigation by the Committee. This may result in that individuals membership being revoked.
  • Above all the Caledonian Wolfalike Association will always be run for the benefit of it's members, their dogs and the breed as a whole.

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