British Utonagan Association

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Founder Dogs

Our aim is to have a minimum of 25 founding dogs although we will always have the breed registry open for new founders to come in. Once the breed is established instead of closing the registry we shall incorporate new blood on a regular basis in the form of a star system. THIS will be a stipulation given to the Kennel Club prior to their hopeful recognition, we do not as a breed club and registration body wish to fall into the trap that has sadly become ALL pedigree breeds.

We have sourced some fantastic dogs, some of which have already produced some outstanding puppies with others ready to join us in the coming years. Our founder dogs consist of Utonagan, Northern Inuit, Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute, Tamaskan and German Shepherd They are all registered with their relevant breed club or KC, with each having a fully traceable history and pedigree. They have been carefully selected for temperament, health and conformation.

We hope you enjoy following us, and even participating in our exciting journey, and we are sure you will enjoy the dogs as much as they enjoy you.

(pictured are just a small selection of our founder dogs)


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