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Welfare & Rescue

Although, thankfully not a common occurrence, we occasionally have dogs in need of new homes. If you would like to be considered for either foster care or as a permanent loving home then please contact us at [email protected] or complete the online form below to begin the process.

There is a strict vetting process and ALL dogs re-homed through us will be spayed/neutered first.

Generally dogs that come into welfare are here through no fault of their own and it is simply down to a change in the owners circumstances. However it is worth noting that some dogs may have lacked training/socialisation etc as puppies and as young adults which then results in 'bad' behaviour as they are growing up (as with any breed). This can mean that they may be destructive, aggressive, shy/nervous or lack basic house training. In the right hands these things can be improved upon but it is a very big commitment so please think carefully before deciding to re-home any dog as this would be detrimental to the dogs welfare if you suddenly had a change of heart after only a few weeks!

Although the Caledonian Wolfalike is a dog with a superb temperament which in turn makes for a wonderful family dog and companion, they can have a high pack mentality They love company and are not a dog that likes to be left alone for long periods of time. This makes them unsuitable for individuals who work long hours. When left alone for too long they can become problematic. They may try to escape, howl, whine, or indulge in destructive behaviour. This can obviously lead to an unhappy dog and an unhappy owner.

The Caledonian Wolfalike is a large dog who needs firm but fair training right from the outset. They are very intelligent and enjoy pleasing their owner. They need plenty to keep them occupied, lots of robust toys to chew on and are never happier than when they have the run of a well secured garden.

We like potential owners to know these facts and be well prepared before considering taking on one of our lovely dogs. This helps save a lot of heartache in the future if everyone knows exactly what to expect. That said, if trained and socialised properly, these wonderful dogs will give you many years of love and loyal companionship, a real talking point when out and about, and will never fail to amaze and entertain you every single day.
Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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Pheonix - Caledonian Wolfalike

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